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Dock Repair and Replacement in Georgetown, South Carolina

Picture this: a beautiful dock stretching out into the water behind your home. It is your front-row seat to every golden sunset or sunrise. It has all the accessories you need for lounging, fishing, or boating. A cover shades the dock to keep you cool on those hot summer days, and you have ample space to enjoy life on the waterfront safely and comfortably.

It sounds nice, right?

Whatever your dream dock might be, our team at Lowco Roofing has the right experience and skills to make it a reality! From materials to amenities, your wish is our command. Whether you want a full upgrade or need a tune-up so you can keep the good times afloat, turn to the best for dock repair and replacement in Georgetown and Pawleys Island.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss what you want from your project. We can work with all budgets and develop a plan to meet your exact specifications. Roofing might be in our name, but nobody beats us when it comes to dock services.

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Give Your Dock New Life with Timely Repairs and Maintenance

If your dock’s framing is in great condition, but the decking is knocking on heaven’s door, our team at Lowco Roofing can save it before it is too late. The sun and ocean can both do a number on these features and cause wood, composite, and other types of materials to discolor and deteriorate. With timely repairs and routine maintenance, however, your dock can be a source of pride for years.

Feeling proud aside, there are several benefits you can capture by replacing damaged decking, upgrading your dock with UV-resistant materials, and getting routine cleanings.

These include: 

  • Increasing the longevity of your dock, helping you make the most out of your initial investment.
  • Improving its safety by giving you a solid, hazard-free surface to walk, stand, and sit on. New decking can even help protect the frame, adding to the dock’s structural security.
  • Adding value to your property. What potential homebuyer would not be excited about a well-kept dock?
  • Saving you money! Regular attention to your decking and frame can help you get ahead of future hassles and avoid the costs of a full replacement.

Although roofing is in our name, we are your go-to for dock repairs in Georgetown. As contractors that live in the areas we work, we know what it takes to deliver solutions that can withstand the worst of South Carolina weather.


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- JoAnne C.

The work was done quickly and professionally. The roof looks great and the warranty offered is the best.

- Jaida B.

Extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She answered every question I had flawlessly. Very professional, courteous, and patient. I highly recommend this company for quality roofing!

- Leroy H.

Lowco Roofing did a fantastic job replacing our roof. We had to be out of town during the process and we came back to an exceptional job and nothing to clean up.

- Ann S.

They showed up on time and there were no problems. We sent numerous people to them and they were all very pleased with the company.

- Linda U.

From initial inspection to work completion, this business provided expedient, efficient work in a professional manner. Lowco sets a high standard of excellence!

Custom Dock Systems

We have years of experience helping property owners replace their docks for a variety of reasons. For some, their docks were old, decaying, and beyond repair. They needed full replacements to be able to enjoy their docks safely. Others have needed more from their dock, such as added space for seating or compatibility features that allowed them to make the most of their watercraft. No matter what our customers have wanted from their replacement project, we have worked hard to deliver results that were exactly what they envisioned.

If you are interested in replacing your dock, go with Lowco Roofing. From custom designs to the most durable materials, we can fit your property with a beautiful new dock that has the look you want and all the features you need. Whether you want aluminum, wood, flow-through, or composite decking, we have you covered. We can also tailor your dock to accommodate fluctuations in local water levels, as well as the inclement weather we often experience in coastal South Carolina.

With us, you will not have to pinch yourself—it will be a dock come true.

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