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No matter how well-built a house is, it needs to be professionally painted for that perfect finished look. Our experts at Lowco Roofing deliver high-quality interior and exterior painting in Georgetown. We can paint any part of the home, including metal roofs. Contact us today to start preparing the interior and exterior of your house. By trusting a team of professionals from the outset, you can avoid prematurely peeling paint.

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How to Prepare a Home’s Interior for Painting

A new coat of paint can completely transform the look of a house, turning drab rooms into exciting, refreshing, or relaxing atmospheres. Before any beautiful hues or smooth finishes can be applied, however, homeowners need to have their interiors fully prepared. Otherwise, the new paint will not last as long as it should, and any precious valuables could become stained. Our team works hard with clients to make sure no accidental splatters mar the surfaces of furniture and belongings.

To thoroughly prep a house’s interior for painting, our experts will:

  • Clear out all dust, debris, cobwebs, and dirt from the crevices of the molding, ceiling trim, and wall corners
  • Bleach any remaining fragments of hazardous mold and mildew spots
  • Scrape off leftover, peeling paint so the surface is smooth
  • Add spackling and putty to any holes in the walls
  • Repair dents, cracks, or gouges left in the drywall
  • Apply primer, if there are bare areas on the sheetrock or exposed wood
  • Clean and caulk baseboards, molding, window frames, trim, and door frames
  • Mask any open areas or entrances, including vents, windows, or unsealed doors
  • Cover valuables such as the furniture, flooring, and décor with thick plastic

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Our Reviews

- Christina K.

Great experience with Jamie and the Lowco Roofing team. They took care of the entire roof replacement process including the insurance claim.

- Dustin S.

They made the process super easy! Great work and very professional! I would highly recommend and we would use them again without hesitation.

- Leroy H.

Lowco Roofing did a fantastic job replacing our roof. We had to be out of town during the process and we came back to an exceptional job and nothing to clean up.

- Jaida B.

Extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She answered every question I had flawlessly. Very professional, courteous, and patient. I highly recommend this company for quality roofing!

- JoAnne C.

The work was done quickly and professionally. The roof looks great and the warranty offered is the best.

Which Exterior Paint Is Right for You?

When it comes to painting the outside of a house, many homeowners immediately start thinking about what will match their preferred aesthetic style. This is of course important, but one should also carefully consider the surrounding environment. Depending on the local temperature and climate, some paints might be more suitable. For example, acrylic paints are built with special chemicals that make them extremely elastic. This enables them to contract or expand if the weather gets hot or cold.

Latex is cheaper than acrylic and is simple to apply, on account of its water foundation. It also contracts and expands with varying temperatures, though it is not as durable as acrylic paint. Oil paints are generally not allowed to be used indoors because of their strong fumes but glide smoothly on outdoor surfaces and are more resistant to shrinkage. Our knowledgeable techs at Lowco Roofing can explain the unique distinctions between paint types.

For more details about our process for interior and exterior painting in Georgetown, get in touch with our licensed professionals at (843) 920-3353.


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